No One Is You, And That Is Your Power

These days with the rise of social media, it can often be hard to distinguish the real from the fake. We are exposed to perfectly presented pictures of people’s lives and can only assume that their life is a dream – and perhaps a dream that we don’t have. This can lead to comparison, self doubt, and ultimately moulding ourselves or our businesses in a way that replicates what is working for others – but what may not really work for us on an alignment level.

In a world of fake social media portrayals, one thing is becoming more and more clear to me. People crave authenticity and more than ever, they are craving realistic connection (Instagram Vs Reality, anyone?). So if you’re looking to connect with an audience, either professionally or personally, then one of the most important factors for true connection (and your own sanity) is to come from a place of authenticity.



In episode 47 of the Wellbeing Weekly Podcast, I covered some of the ways you can be more authentic in the way that you show up for your business, others or just yourself! I delve into these tips in more detail on the podcast, so listen in to the episode above or by clicking here.

  1. Have awareness of who you really are – what you like, dislike etc
  2. Find the best ways to express yourself – journaling, Instagram, forums etc
  3. Take courageous action despite fear
  4. Fall in love with yourself
  5. Live in line with your values and priorities
  6. Be clear on your boundaries
  7. Embrace the good, the bad and the ugly about yourself

It can often be hard to move into alignment, push through fear and show up as our real self. Often it can be easier to wear a mask, or avoid being vulnerable, because if we fail we can tell ourselves ‘that’s ok because it wasn’t the real me’ or ‘I wasn’t trying my hardest’. We also avoid being authentic and vulnerable to avoid criticism and judgement of our true selves, as this can hurt far more than presenting our ‘fake’ selves. If you can move beyond the criticism, which you need to be able to with social media, you have the opportunity to create true authentic connections with people who will become loyal fans and followers of your content and vibe – which will hopefully outweigh the haters anyway!

I specially recording a FREE Authenticity Meditation Recording to go with this episode, to support you to tune into yourself and develop the confidence to move forward authentically. You can access is by clicking here or heading to my Free Resource Library if you’ve already got the password!


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