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“I was able to brainstorm my ideas and vision about my program and having Michelle to guide and support me to make it all realistic and doable…”


“I have been shown so many options that I had no idea were possibilities. I have learnt so much about how to begin running a business in a way that benefits me and my wellbeing. I have also discovered more about myself, my strengths and where in my business I can share the load.”

Natasha P

Health Coach

For me, I realise now that you have to make the commitment to yourself and what it is you want to do and then jump!! Let it be messy if it needs to at the start.


Putting myself and my offering online is not as ridiculous as I originally thought and have surprised myself at how I have wrangled the technology without too much trauma!! :)

Sharon S

Yoga Teacher

I'm starting to recognise my limiting thought patterns more clearly for what they really are and realising how much they have been holding me back. I've been way too concerned about what people think of me!

I can recognize them now, I am trying hard to change my usual/default behaviour which is to avoid putting myself out there etc

Mel A


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