It's time to show up more powerfully in your business and create a more aligned, confident & intuitive brand by honouring your unique energy, story & gifts

(without any of the #hustle!)


If you could HONOUR  your energy, TRUST your decisions, and ALIGN with the real impact that you want to have, how would your business & life be different?!

A new world of business is coming, and I'm here to guide you...


FREE MASTERCLASS!  How To Streamline Your Schedule & Enhance Your Energy, To Attract The Impact & Income You Deserve In Less Than 4 Hours A Day...

You're here with me because you know you're meant for more.

You're ready to be seen in a bigger way, believe in your gifts, and shine your light in a way that feels fun & fulfilling...

It's time to overcome the spinning wheels of "productive burnout", trusting celebrity "gurus" over yourself, and ignoring your inner potential - once and for all, and show up more powerfully in your business


You don't need another course or training need support & accountability to step into your next level and craft your business around your unique energy needs & personal goals


What if I told you that you could overcome your visibility & success blocks and finally be seen and heard in a bigger, more aligned way? (WITHOUT feeling salesy, doubtful or rushed!)


A way of approaching your business where you have the confidence, courage & clarity to trust in yourself and finally call in the clients that you dreamed of when you first put on your entrepreneurial hat - in a way that recharges you rather than burns you out?


Well, it's POSSIBLE and it's far more simple than you think...



Find out which of my 5 business energy archetypes is your primary energy function and how you can craft your business to support your energy type and attract clients with more ease and flow.


Up until now you may have felt like you don't fit the mold of a traditional entrepreneur, have huge bursts of energy followed my deep burnout periods, struggle to share or sell yourself in a way that feels good, or let doubts + comparison prevent you from shining your light. It's not's just that the old business world doesn't work for you.

Step into the new business world and be guided on becoming your optimal self and creating a business that becomes magnetic from the inside out...



Not sure what's keeping you stuck, blocked or unsure of how to move forward in your business? Ready to stop giving your power away to others and step into alignment in your business so you can truly shine your light?


In this book I'll lovingly guide you through a process of letting go of the past, embracing the present and manifesting the future so you can have a more confident, intuitive impact on your terms.


 I also share stories of my soul journey and how I've learnt and applied these lessons in my own business & life. Available in digital & print versions

programs + coaching




Schedule a private 60 minute audit call with Michelle to explore your current blocks with her comprehensive alignment tool, then be supported to identify & align with your unique energy and create a plan to begin making shifts

$197 AUD





A powerful & immersive container that guides you through a transformation of stepping into your next level self as a business owner. Overcome your blocks, manage your energy, connect with your intuition + rise up to have a more soulful impact with your gifts.


From $197 AUD





3 months of personalised, support to identify and integrate my 6 step Intuitive Impact approach to aligning with your unique energy, story + gifts to create a magnetic & fulfilling soul-led business

from $997 AUD per month
(Payment Plans Available)

“I was able to brainstorm my ideas and vision about my program and having Michelle to guide and support me to make it all realistic and doable…”


“I have been shown so many options that I had no idea were possibilities. I have learnt so much about how to begin running a business in a way that benefits me and my wellbeing. I have also discovered more about myself, my strengths and where in my business I can share the load.”

Natasha P

Health Coach

For me, I realise now that you have to make the commitment to yourself and what it is you want to do and then jump!! Let it be messy if it needs to at the start.


Putting myself and my offering online is not as ridiculous as I originally thought and have surprised myself at how I have wrangled the technology without too much trauma!! :)

Sharon S

Yoga Teacher

I'm starting to recognise my limiting thought patterns more clearly for what they really are and realising how much they have been holding me back. I've been way too concerned about what people think of me!

I can recognize them now, I am trying hard to change my usual/default behaviour which is to avoid putting myself out there etc

Mel A


hey Soul Sister, I'm Michelle...

Helping people reach their full potential, growing their business and supporting them to have the lifestyle they want without sacrificing their wellbeing or relationships - is my jam!


And just a few short years ago I was where you are, feeling exhausted, burnt out and feeling stuck in business.


I was working full time as a Counsellor, and had built a 6 figure skincare business on the side with my partner. It might sound dreamy but I was #hustling all the hours, doing all the things and wearing all the hats.


Even when quit my full time job and went all in with my business, I was still filling my new found time with more work! Then came the day, where I fell to the floor of my warehouse crying uncontrollably and saying to myself 'Enough!' Surely, I don't need to feel like this?!


To top it off I had developed adrenal fatigue - which was no surprise because I felt like I'd been hit by a truck each morning. Something had to change. So I worked on my personal growth, mindset, productivity & energy management and found new perspectives and business mindset strategies that helped to put my personal life back on the radar. The bonus? My business grew significantly in the process, surpassing 7 figures, and we were working less!

I know I'm not the only female business owner to feel stretched and secretly struggling, and that's what inspired me to begin Wellbeing Weekly. I also know that mindset is no quick fix, and we're constantly working on overcoming fear & blocks as we achieve new goals. That's why I'm passionate about supporting you to jump off the busy treadmill, ditch the fear & self-sabotage, put your true needs back on the table and rise up to claim the intuitive impact that you deserve in business AND life...


​Ready to make it happen?

Click here to book a free 30 minute clarity call with me to see how we can work together and how I can best support you in your business...

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