“Thoughts Are Just Thoughts”


I have developed a model structure for conceptualizing your internal world and it’s called The Mindset Funnel. Long story short, it covers how your thoughts dictate your emotions which dictate your actions which dictate your outcomes. Now I’ve developed the name and the way of structuring the information, but I want to note that the overall concept of this model is not my original idea – the concept that your thoughts create your reality has been around for many years and used as a model concept by many psychologists, authors, coaches etc, but that’s because it’s true and it works so I have organised the information in a way that makes sense to me and to what I’m trying to teach my audience.

So as you can see from above, the model represents a funnel. This funnel is then split into three sections. The top section and biggest/widest section is your thoughts & beliefs, the middle section and slightly smaller section is your emotions, the bottom section and smallest section is your actions. So if you can imagine that as you have thoughts and beliefs about yourself or the world, these then funnel down into creating your emotional responses which then both continue to funnel down to create your actions or behaviours or interactions in the world. Then these trickle out of the bottom of the funnel head and manifest into outcomes, results, experiences and relationships in the world. Then the ironic thing with life and with this funnel model, is that you take those life outcomes, results or experiences and you create thoughts or beliefs about them which takes you back to the top of the funnel process, so it becomes this cyclical nature of having your thoughts dictate your reality and when you’re not aware of this in your own life you can go through this cycle day after day, year after year. At the top of the funnel diagram you can see “Independent Outcomes” and this refers to events or outcomes that initially occur in our world that our outside our control such as our experiences as a baby/child, traumatic incidents, natural disasters or accidents and so on. These independent outcomes then trigger off the funnel process as we create thoughts and beliefs about the experiences.

So, my mission is to a) bring your awareness to the mindset funnel and help you to realise that life isn’t just happening to you, but that you’re playing a role in it and b) how to work your way up the funnel to ultimately change the thoughts and beliefs that are in there so that you CAN experience the outcomes in life that you’ve been longing for.

Now, I’m going to give you an example to explain how the mindset funnel works from theory to reality. Let’s say someone has the thought or long held belief that “they are not good enough to run a successful business”…this underlying limiting belief then leads to an emotional expression such as shame, unworthiness, fear of trying, a deep longing for more but having a feeling of ‘stuckness’ or inability. This then manifests into actions such as continuing to work in a job they hate, not making an effort to learn more about business, avoiding any opportunities to start a business or sabotaging their progress every time they take a step forward. As you can expect, this then leads to their results and outcomes in life, they’re miserable in the job they hate, they’re no closer to starting a business, they’re dreaming of more but unable to act on it and they’re no further along than 5 years earlier.

But what if I took out that rolling tape of I’m not good enough and put in a new tape with the belief that “I’m always willing to attempt my goals”. You can feel the shift immediately. This automatically is likely to move them into emotions of motivation, courage, fulfillment and leads to actions such as writing out a plan off attack for their business, learning business tips in their lunch break, building their business on the side when they can or ultimately leaving their miserable job and jumping head first into the business of their dreams.  Their outcomes then also shift in line with this – they begin to see their business unfold, they see new customers or clients, they see their first sales coming in, their relationship with their family improves because they’re living in their purpose.

So this example outlines the power of your thoughts, and whether you have made the connection or not, your thoughts are dictating your reality in a way that you may not even realise. Now I’m not saying that your thoughts are the cause of significant traumatic events, or natural disasters or stock market crashes and so forth – these are covered under ‘independent outcomes’ in the diagram. But these independent outcomes or events are ones that you create thoughts and beliefs ABOUT and then move through the funnel. This is why we can see post traumatic stress vs post traumatic growth, where two people can experience the same event but respond in completely different ways based on how they process and experience the event in their inner world.

So that’s an overview of my mindset funnel and provides a model of building awareness of how your thoughts, emotions and actions are impacting your external world. This is the model we’ll be working from in my new Master Your Mindset online course and I step you through exactly how to work through this model bit by bit to unpack any limitations and how you can switch into new thoughts, emotions and actions that are PRACTICAL and SUSTAINABLE and will change up your mental game and into a place where you’re kicking goals.

So click the link below to secure your spot in the course. Enrollment is only open for a couple of weeks so get in now and we start August 20th 2018. I can’t wait to see you inside the course.


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