Let's walk the entrepreneurial path together...

I'm so glad you've found your way to me and that you're ready to take charge of your entrepreneur mindset & skill set to grow yourself and your business in a more impactful and alined way.
You're here because you're ready to get out of your own way and achieve more growth, revenue and flexibility in your business so you can thrive in both business & life. And I'm here to help you do it!

My vision is to empower female entrepreneurs, like yourself, to take or grow your health & wellbeing practice/business online to achieve more growth, revenue & flexibility. I do this through my proven mindset perspectives & online business building strategies that support you to clear the personal & professional barriers in your path to success.

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Hi there, my name is Michelle and I am the person behind the Wellbeing Weekly platform and podcast.

I started Wellbeing Weekly in late 2017 to provide information, programs, support and connection for current and aspiring female business owners with a health & wellbeing practice/business, who are motivated to develop their entrepreneur mindset & skillset to generate more growth, revenue and flexibility in their business by taking & growing it online. As a qualified counsellor, I truly believe that everything starts with your mindset, including your business success - and making a conscious, loving commitment to enhancing your mindset is the ticket to kicking goals in business and life. My aim is to inspire you to develop the mindset & business skills of successful entrepreneurs, so that you too can experience the business growth, impact and flexibility you're after. The Wellbeing Weekly podcast, programs and tribe can assist you with mindset and business tips & information to better understand yourself and your business in order to live a life in line with who you really are and what you really want to achieve.

If you're:
- Feeling stuck with the limited amount of clients you can see in a day and dream of reaching & impacting people beyond your local area
- Wanting to trade in traditional time for money consults and explore additional & more flexible revenue streams
- Looking to create an online presence and business that takes advantage of the online opportunities to reach clients beyond your local area
- Wanting to break away from what you've learnt at school/university and use your skills as a modern practitioner and entrepreneur
- Motivated to spend less time hustling and more time doing things you enjoy or
- Hoping to use your new degree or certificate in a way that doesn't involve just working in a local clinic

Then lovely, you're in exactly the right place...

Not too long ago, I was working full time as a counsellor and attempting to build a natural skincare company with my partner. I was working 8 hour days counselling clients, and then coming home to work another 3-4 hours on my business. There was always something that needed to be done and I was struggling to make it all happen while also working full time.

My deepest desire was to be able to build the business to a point where we could both be working on it full time and I would no longer be stretched across so many responsibilities. But there were many mental blocks in my way. I was afraid to step away from a consistent income, doubting my ability to continue scaling the business, scared to put myself out there and knowing there would be step learning curves and mistakes along the way.

However, our business was growing to the point that I needed to make a decision to take the leap. I knew that my mindset was key to our business success and that if we were going to make this business work as a full time income, then I had a bit of work to do on my perspectives, beliefs and actions.

I dived into my psychology training, what worked for successful entrepreneurs and what had worked so far for us in building our business. I integrated these mindset shifts, empowering beliefs and courageous actions into my life and continued to commit to myself and our business.
The change & growth that I saw in myself and our business was significant. I was no longer letting fear, self doubt or comparison hold me back from pursuing my biggest dream - to help others through my own business and a little over 18 months ago I was taking the train to work and my partner and I called it - it was time to put in my resignation.

Since then, our business has continue to scale and I'm so proud of everything we have achieved. However, having your own full time business comes with it's own pressures and responsibilities, and I've continued to implement the strategies, perspectives an actions that I know are so key to my own business growth and that I know will be supportive to your personal and professional growth as well

The mindset strategies, perspectives and actions that I have put in place in my own life over the past four years have allowed me to transform the way I engage with myself and my business and allowed me to grow from small side hustle to full time successful business.

I had developed an entrepreneur mindset and skillset for personal & professional success

I knew that if I could teach other business babes, just like you, about all of the mindset & business strategies & perspectives that have worked for me and other entrepreneurs, combined with my training in psychology, then I could support you to overcome the overwhelm, procrastination, late nights and sacrifices to build a purpose driven, aligned lifestyle business online and achieve success on your own terms.

That's when I decided to take the idea of Wellbeing Weekly and turn it into a reality. I had the experience as a business owner and a counsellor, as well as my own personal stories, so I knew that I needed to combine these passions & skills (aka my genius zones!) and provide the mindset and entrepreneurial tools to support other health & wellbeing professionals to get out of their own way and commit to growing their business online in an aligned & flexible way.

It was a no brainer for me, and since that first spark all I think about is supporting and connecting with women just like you. Whether you currently work as a health & wellbeing professional/practitioner or are just finishing up your qualifications, I want to support you build your entrepreneur mindset and skillset so that you can take your business online and impact more people with less hustle.

So what about you?

Are you:
> Lacking the confidence to grow your business or launch your business online?
> Feeling overwhelmed with the number of business tasks you need to complete on your own?
> Feeling alone with your business issues and disconnected from the support of like-minded women?
> Neglecting your self care, play or moments of "fun" at the expense of running your business and squeezing in as many clients as possible?
> Letting fear hold you back from putting yourself out there online, getting visible and achieving the growth & revenue you're after?
> Working long hours and putting in hard work for what seems like limited results or capped potential?
> Feeling like your business doesn't have the systems or automation to run more passively?

If you said yes to any of these (or more!) then it's time to reboot your mindset & skills so that you can start to experience the growth, revenue and flexibility in your business that you've been hoping for. I developed Wellbeing Weekly and my coaching program to help you do just that and have tailored programs to support you to launch or grow your business online with a mindset for long term success.

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