Want to transform your business and create a life you love
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I'm so glad you've found your way to me and that you're ready to personalise your productivity to transform your business & life in a way that work together like wine & cheese (without the overwhelm, endless to-do list or Starbucks sized team)

You're here because you're ready to get out of your own way, escape the overwhelm of #hustlemode and start putting yourself & things you love higher up the to-do list, so you can achieve more fulfillment, fun & freedom in your business AND life. And I'm here to help you do it!

My vision is to empower female entrepreneurs, like yourself, to design & grow your health & wellbeing practice/business in a way that doesn't sacrifice your wellbeing, joy or ideal lifestyle. I do this through my coaching programs & community resources which cover mindset perspectives, business strategies, productivity hacks and more that support you to create a profitable & flexible business that fits in with your ideal lifestyle and doesn't leave you choosing between the two.

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If you're:
✘ Feeling overwhelmed with the never ending to-do list that gets bigger no matter how much you cross off
✘ Never having the time to go to yoga, eat smashed avocado with your friends or see the new Chris Hemsworth movie
✘ Working all the hours on all the things, but not seeing the results that the latest webinar said you'd have
✘ Feeling already stretched like a year old hair-tie across all of the things in your business, but also trying to keep your personal life together (without a whole lot of success)
✘ Never having time to grow your business because you're stuck spinning your wheels, that leaves you drinking a glass of wine out of exhaustion rather than celebration
✘ Needing to choose between your business or lifestyle because you can't seem to make them work together and have the best of both worlds
✘ Watching your friends travel the world, get married, start a family or hang out with their kids while you're knee deep in tax receipts & Instagram posts
✘ Telling yourself that "one day" when you have more money/time/energy, you'll be able to be the partner/friend/parent/boss you'd like to be
✘ Feeling isolated, alone and ashamed with your struggles as you watch other *Solopreneurs* or *Mumpreneurs* kicking goals...

Then lovely - you're not alone, but you're in exactly the right place to kick this all to the curb...


Hi there, my name is Michelle and I am the person behind the Wellbeing Weekly platform and podcast.

I started Wellbeing Weekly in late 2017 to provide information, programs, support and connection for female business owners with a health & wellbeing related service/business, who are sick of working all the hours on all the things and are motivated to develop their entrepreneur mindset & skillset to design their business & life to work together with more fulfillment, fun, freedom and funds.

As a qualified counsellor, I truly believe that business doesn't need to be *hard* and we can choose to live life by our design and put systems, perspectives & supports in place to create a profitable business & life we love. My aim is to inspire you to develop the mindset & business strategies of successful entrepreneurs, so that you too can experience the business growth, impact and flexibility you're after. The Wellbeing Weekly podcast, programs and tribe can assist you with mindset and business tips & information to up-level your services & schedule so that you can focus more on the right things for you and create time for what you enjoy inside and outside of your business.

Way back in 2014 I was working full time as a Counsellor, studying a Masters degree AND trying to build my first product based business on the side with my partner - #hustle.

I would skip family events to get more work done and my exercise regimes would last about 1 week before I started using the time to grow my businesses. I couldn't create space for half a day off, let alone a holiday!

I constantly felt exhausted, emotionally "spent" and like there was always something business related that I should be doing. It felt like I was always needing to choose my business over my personal life, leaving me thinking to myself 'Is this the price of building a business - surely not?'

What I didn’t realise back then was working harder and longer on “all the things” was not helpful and actually holding me back from the success I was chasing.

Even in the year following, when my business experienced explosive growth and I quit my job as a Counsellor to go all in, I had up-leveled my mindset but found myself just replacing all of my new found time with more low level “busy” tasks to keep up the #hustle.

While I felt "productive", I was really just constantly overwhelming myself, neglecting my wellbeing and inching closer and closer to burnout. I knew there had to be a better way to work to stop feeling like an employee in my own business - that would allow me to have my business & life work together and not leave me choosing between the two.

I dived deeper into my psychology training, personal development, productivity hacks and building supports to really take my mindset and business to the next level, but also #ditchthehustle and create the time freedom, income growth and enjoyment that I knew was possible.

From this work, came a number of new strategies and perspectives that I grouped into 7 overarching principles...

By practicing these principles, things started shifting personally and professionally and we were seeing more business success, but working less. I had created more time for my wellbeing and personal life and my relationship with myself and others were better than ever. I was finally experiencing the fulfilllment, fun & freedom that I craved and it didn't involve hefty cash investments or hiring a huge team!

I understand the struggle of being a new business owner and not knowing where to focus your time or energy. Implementing these principles gave me the additional space to create Wellbeing Weekly, to support women to claim back their own wellbeing and build their businesses in a way that also integrates with their ideal lifestyle, so they no longer have to choose between boss life & home life.

It was a no brainer for me, and since that first spark all I think about is supporting and connecting with women just like you. Whether you currently work as a health & wellbeing professional/practitioner or looking to start a freedom based business in this space, I want to support you build your entrepreneur mindset and skillset so that you can create your ideal business & life and impact more people with less hustle.

So what about you?

What if business & life looked more like this?
✔ Having more physical & mental space to start a family, spend weekends looking for your dream home, travel to that country you've had on your bucket list or channel your inner Demi Moore at a pottery class
✔ Going to the park with your kids, falling asleep on the couch at 3pm or spending an extra 30 minutes at brunch without feeling business guilt
✔ Focusing on the business tasks that spark so much joy that Marie Kondo would be jealous
✔ Creating a business and life that click together like a jigsaw piece and finally have you feeling the fun and freedom that you wanted when you first popped on your entrepreneurial hat
✔ Getting out of bed without hitting snooze (for the fifth time) and having the schedule, systems & supports in place that recharge your energy so you can spend it more on what you enjoy
✔ Having the time to go on dates with your partner or the Tinder guy you finally managed to respond back to, without having your email list floating in and out of your mind during the conversation
✔ Stepping into #girlboss mode and scaling your business to have a bigger impact & income (all by doing less not more!)
✔ Being able to put yourself back to the top of the priority list and wipe the cobwebs off your $90 yoga pants or indulge in that float tank thing you see everyone doing

If you said yes to any of these (or more!) then it's time to move beyond the hustle and start designing your business and lifestyle to have the fulfillment, fun & freedom you deserve! I developed Wellbeing Weekly and my coaching program to help you do just that in 90 days. I also have other tailored supports & resources to support you to have a successful business that doesn't involve sacrificing your wellbeing, happiness or ideal lifestyle.

To get started, access my [FREE] Productivity Plan PDF Guide- 7 Quick Wins To Double Your Business Productivity, In Half The Time (So You Can Focus More On What You Enjoy)

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