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Spiritual wellbeing can be an area of wellbeing that many people disregard or neglect. Often spirituality can be linked to religion, and those who do not have a specific religion or believe in religious figures can end up chalking life up to science and what we can see. I know, because for the majority of my life this has been me. I don’t follow a religion so I found it difficult to make sense of spirituality and how it could apply to me if I wasn’t able to believe in a God. As I learnt more about personal development and spirituality, I started to understand that spirituality is so much larger than religion and it is completely possible to have a spiritual practice without having a religion. Once I started focusing on a spiritual practice, my overall wellbeing shifted as it interconnected with aspects of my mental and emotional wellbeing particularly. Below I step out some to the ways that you can connect with your spirituality and enhance your spiritual wellbeing.

  1. Establish your ‘source’
    My main struggle with spirituality was that I didn’t have a sense of source as I didn’t believe in a God. What I started to do, was see myself as my own God. A sense of a ‘higher self’ that lived within me and knew the path towards what was in my highest good and could guide me away from what was no longer serving me. I started to cultivate this sense of a higher self and would pray to my higher self each morning and night to guide me throughout each day. This gave me a sense of something bigger than myself on earth and a connection to spirituality that I had never had. If you don’t have a religion, you might like to create your own sense of source – such as your higher self, the universe, universal energy, angel guides, spirit guides or anything of your choice. If you do have a religion or God that is your source, then I encourage you to tune in and begin connecting with this source.
  2. Practice Prayer
    Prayer always seemed like a foreign concept for me as I never knew who I was praying to. With my new sense of source, I now pray daily. However, prayer doesn’t need to be spoken in traditional, religious ways; it can really just be a conversation with your source. I request to be guided towards what is in my highest good and to be shown signs to move away from what no longer serves me. I ask for guidance to cultivate love, kindness, respect and acceptance for myself and others and for the confidence to move through fear and continue towards what lights me up. You can say anything that you like – however, I think that it’s important to ask for guidance or support with things rather than asking for things specifically, as we are co-creators in our lives and need to put in our own effort to manifest what we are after in our lives.
  3. Practice Meditation
    I’ve meditated on and off for around 6 years now, but almost every day in the past 18 months since I completed teacher training in meditation. Meditation comes in many forms and doesn’t need to involve sitting in complete silence in a robe on a pillow. Check out my podcast on types of meditation and mindfulness here. Meditation allows you to create space for thoughts, emotions, ideas, issues or anything that rises to come up and be observed. These might be difficult experiences or blissful experiences and either is perfectly normally and gives us an opportunity to acknowledge and process these experiences. As you continue to practice meditation, you will become better at focusing in on relaxation and creating space for new insights.
  4. Go within
    In our fast paced world, it can be so easy to stay busy and distracted, especially when it comes to our own thoughts and emotions. Taking the time to slow down and tune in to what your body, mind and intuition are telling you is another way to link in to your spirituality. Giving yourself an opportunity to listen to emotions and thoughts, allows you to process them and grow from them. Why did you want to burst out crying from a seemingly harmless comment? Why are you feeling anxious about going to an event? Our internal world is communicating with us constantly and by tuning in to these messages, we can enable growth, learnings and healing.
  5. Define your ‘I’
    When you say things like – “I want to go the movies” or “I’m not feeling well today”, who really is the ‘I’. We often equate our mind with our identity, however our brain is just an organ that has the amazing ability to generate thought and consciousness. If you didn’t have this brain would you cease to exist? Do animals with less developed brains cease to exist? There is a sense of the ‘I’ and the soul beyond our conscious thought. There is the notion that within us is the capacity to observe ourselves, observe our thoughts and actions. Often switching into this mindset can lead to a sense of awakening for some people. Take some time to consider who ‘I’ is.
  6. Get some Oracle Cards
    If you had asked to to use oracle cards two years ago I would have laughed at you. Now, I have a physical deck and an app on my phone. The priciple of Oracle Cards is that you ask the universe a question and then pull a card randomly from the deck and that is the card that you were drawn to and the message that you need to hear. There are many different types of Oracle Cards including angel cards, goddess cards, spirit animal cards etc. I find that the messages I receive are always what I do need to hear, and I’ve had numerous moments where I’ve been brought to tears because the message has been so profound for me.

So those are some ways to link in with a spiritual practice and begin to enhance your spiritual wellbeing. This area of wellbeing is interconnected with other areas of wellbeing and you might find that you have significant shifts in your mindset when you embrace spirituality, like I did. The great thing about spirituality is that it can be unique and you can make it mean to you whatever you would like and cultivate it in a way that best resonates with you.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried out any of the above tips or whether you have some tips of your own! You can find my podcast by searching ‘Wellbeing Weekly’ in your podcast app or heading to iTunes by clicking here

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