Episode 115 | Are You On The Busy Treadmill? How To Break Free From Busy & Create Your Ideal Business AND Life

So today I'm talking all about being on that dreaded "busy treadmill" that I'm sure many of you have been on before and really just looking at how you can break free from that stuck feeling and start to feel more productive in your business & life. Where you've got more time and more energy to be getting things done that actually move you forward in your business and you know you're running free rather than on that treadmill where you're just going around and round and round in the same spot.

So basically the busy treadmill is what I call that notion of feeling like you're doing all the things, all the hours, wearing all the hats, going round and round and round around doing the same things every single day but not really feeling like you're getting results or any forward movement or any progress basically. You can think of this as the same thing as the "hamster wheel" that people talk about or "groundhog day" where it's just that feeling like things are just repeating themselves over and over, but not necessarily changing in a positive way or getting the momentum or the results that you're looking for in your business...and maybe even your life as well.

So this can look different for different people depending on your situation and your lifestyle and the type of business you have. But one situation is feeling like you're doing all the things. So you're watching all the webinars, you're downloading all the free PDFs, you're constantly looking at competitors and learning and kind of filling your mind with all of these hacks and tips and things like that. But you're not necessarily feeling like you're able to put everything in place for yourself.

So you feel like you have all of this information, you have all of this knowledge but you're not really sure what to do with it or you're not really sure how to integrate it and it keeps you stuck. It can also be a shame cycle where you know you've got the tools, you know you've got all of this awesome stuff that people have told you, all of this stuff in your tool belt, but for some reason you're not really able to use it to your advantage. And that can be a real sticking point for a lot of people. Where they come to that realization a lot of the time where perhaps they need some help with this. This is often where they'll get a coach or a business consultant to come in and support them to actually make the changes that they might not have been able to make on their own.
The busy treadmill can also present as mindset issues. Feeling really lethargic in the morning, really struggling to get up and get motivated and energetic about your business and really commit to the goals and the tasks that you have for the day. It can feel like you're dragging your feet, everything feels really heavy and you're just not sure where to start in the day or where to start in your business in general. And it's this overwhelming cloud that is looming and you're just kind of wondering, how do I break free from this?

How do I take the leap to the next level? How do I shift out of this funk and start making things happen in my business? How do I start having my business and my life work together in the way that I've always wanted it to - in a way that allows me to have more time and energy for the things that I love and things that I want to do? What I think of when I consider the busy treadmill is really just that notion of 'I'm going around in circles. I'm really stuck. I don't know how to take a step forward. I don't know what step I should even take. Even if I know some of the steps and I'm kind of just running, running, running, but I'm burning myself out in the process I'm running without any sort of feedback or any sort of result for all of my effort and my energy.'

And that can be a really difficult place to be in. It can be really hard as a business owner to feel like you're not having progress, that your dreams aren't happening for you. Maybe you're seeing everybody else out there achieving all of these amazing goals and you're not able to do that.

I totally get it. I have been there myself many times, but particularly in my skincare business, I was running ragged in the early days. I didn't know any better and I did what I thought I should be doing. I did what everyone out there was telling me I should be doing - the messages out there in society that you just have to keep hustling harder. You just have to work yourself to the bone, do the late nights, sacrifice your weekend...why are you going out for brunch with your friends when you could be doing some marketing?

It was that constant kind of vibe in my head that I just had to keep running, running, running. Even when I tried to slow down, when I tried to jump off that treadmill and just chill out for a second and re evaluate, it didn't last long. I had to get straight back on and feel like I was doing something. Even if it wasn't productive work, it was just busy work where you're tinkering on your website, you're doing little graphics or little changes to things that really don't make much of a difference at all. But it makes you feel good because you feel like you're still doing something and you're still contributing to your business. And that's what we like to call 'busy' work and not necessarily productive work.

So you really want to be finding what things you need to be working on in your business that are the right things for you, the right things for your situation, the right things for the lifestyle that you're trying to create, the right things for your business and what is actually going to take you to that next level. The right things for you from a personal level based on your energy, your personality, the kind of message that you have and the kind of things that you want to be doing in this world, but also what you want to be doing behind the scenes.

Because I say this so many times, if you can't enjoy your life and have wealth and wellbeing in your life behind the scenes, then what is the point? We're not running businesses to take over our lives and leave us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and miserable. We're running our businesses to be a PART of our lives and that contribute to our lives and our lifestyle in a positive, fulfilling way. And if that's not happening for you, then you might be on that busy treadmill running into burnout and we just want to address that before it gets to the point that you completely burn out, which is basically what happened to me. I was running, running, running on that treadmill for so long and I didn't have the awareness of what I was doing. I thought I was running that five km race, but it was in the same spot.

And it ended up taking a toll on my body and my mindset. I ended up getting diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and basically all the health professionals in my life were telling me I had to decrease the stress and I had to make some changes to how I was showing up in my business and my life. At the time it was kind of a laughable thing for me, and I'm going to talk about this more on a separate episode, but it's really challenging when you have a business where you feel stressed and overwhelmed and someone's telling you just stop stressing so much or just, you know, stop the stress, like change something.

It's really not always that simple. Especially for us. We had a very successful business that was bigger than just me - I couldn't just say, oh sorry guys, I'm just going to stop for a few weeks...we're just gonna stop orders...we're going to stop everything. It doesn't work like that. Things keep running when you're at that level and you are playing that constant game of catch up and that's how I felt. I was constantly trying to catch up, up level my mindset, up level my energy to hold onto how fast things were going and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be having a successful business to feel this way. It can also feel this way even if you don't necessarily have the success and the results that you're after. You can feel that you're constantly chasing results. You're constantly putting all of these things in place in your business and not seeing the results that you're after and it leaves you overwhelmed and burnt out. So either way, I totally get it and it really took me running on that treadmill for far too long to realize that I needed to do something different and that if I didn't, then my health would be compromised.

And truthbomb - we don't have a business without us. Guys, I've spoken to you about this before. You are your business. Even if you sell products, you are your business. If you're not able to show up, if you don't have the right systems and supports in place to run your business without you necessarily there every second of the day, then you are your business. And if you aren't functioning at your best, then your business can't either. And that is so much of what I work with my clients around. It's putting you as the biggest asset in your business. And how you can scale yourself. Before you even think about duplicating yourself, you're going to need to elevate yourself and what you're capable of doing by putting supports and systems in place to guide you. Only then can you look at scaling with teams or outsourcing or anything like that.

So you need to be in a space first where your mindset is in the right place, where you have the systems and supports and the structures to allow you to show up in a way that works for you and also works for your business. And that's a lot of what I work with people on. So I think that the reason we do this and the reason we get stuck on this busy treadmill a lot of the time is not knowing any different. And that was the situation I was in. I didn't know businesses could be run in a different way. I didn't know that there could be this sense of balance between business and life and that I could do things that I loved in my life and enjoyed in my life and still have a successful business. I thought that the only way to have success was through really hard work and sacrifice everything. But when I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and I did a complete overhaul of how I was showing up in my business and my life, I realized that there is an easier way to work and it doesn't have to be late nights, never having a break, never having a holiday...

You can have the business and the life that you want to have and they can fit in together and basically compliment each other, rather than compete with each other. But I think the reason that we also say stuck on the busy treadmill is because it feels productive. We feel like when we're constantly doing something, we're tinkering away on little things, we've got that to do list that's a mile long...It makes us feel like we're contributing to our business in a positive way. We're working on it, we're always thinking about it. It's like our little baby and just constantly something that we're working on to improve. Because then even if things don't go our way or you don't get those results that you're after, you can say, oh, but I've worked so hard, like I've done everything I possibly can to have success and to have results.

And you can kind of pat yourself on the back and say it was blood, sweat, and tears to get to this point. And that's just not what we want. That's not what I want for you. I want you to be able to get the results and the success in your business with ease and flow and fulfillment. And it is completely possible. And that is exactly what I put in place when I had my wake up call and exactly what I help my clients put in place as well through my signature framework and my lifestyle system.

So I want to talk a little bit now about some of the ways that you can jump off this busy treadmill and start to really feel more productive and feel like you've got more time and more energy in your business and life and you're starting to really feel that forward movement - rather than feeling like you're just going around and around doing the same thing day in, day out and not necessarily seeing the results. Or maybe you're seeing results but you're not necessarily feeling fulfilled or energetic about it. You're kind of feeling like it all looks good on the outside, but behind the scenes you're really struggling.

So I'm going to cover six different things that I recommend you think about if you're feeling this way. If you're feeling like you're on that busy treadmill and you're ready to jump the f*ck off and hopefully you're all feeling that way after this episode. These six things that are actually part of my new group program, and are basically the first module of my program, which is called Wealthy Wellpreneurs.

This module is all about breaking free from busy. It's getting out of that mindset that you have to be busy to be productive. It's getting out of that mindset of being on the busy treadmill, feeling like you're always having to do something in your business and how to actually start working out what isn't working for you - what you actually don't need to be doing in your business, what's actually not contributing to any of the results. It's just leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stressed and what you can then start to actually focus on moving forward and obviously what we focus on in the rest of my program.
So I'm going to go over these briefly so you can get a bit of a snapshot of what's included in that first module of my program, but also so you can start to think about whether these are some things that you can put in place in your own business to start getting off that treadmill of busy.

1. Switch out of what society tells you that you should be doing - There is a message out there in society that you've got to hustle and grind for success. You've got to do all the things at all the hours and wear all the hats if you want to get your business off the ground, and this is definitely the message that I still see out there. A lot of millionaires are pushing this often. A lot of older male millionaires, and I know that speaking to women specifically, it's not always that easy to be doing everything in your business, especially if you have a family or you have other commitments.

Maybe you're studying or maybe you have a full time job still or you're a stay at home mom and there's this added pressure of always feeling stretched across a million things. I definitely felt this way as well and it's not a great feeling. There's a lot of guilt that comes up with it. There's a lot of shame that comes up with it and it's really not the way you want to be feeling in your business or life. You want to be enjoying all of it. So I really talk to my clients (and explore in this lesson) about how to break free from what society tells us how to actually separate yourself. If you can't enjoy things now, then I don't see the point and you want you to be able to enjoy your life.

2. Discover what's not working - So this is when I really look at diving deep with you around what hasn't been working up until now. What is keeping you on that busy treadmill running round and round and round and round and round and round and feeling like you're not getting anywhere. What is keeping you stuck? What is holding you back from that next step or that next level in your business or in your life? And how can we get you unstuck?

One of the things I really suggest as a starting point with this, and it's what I've included in my free productivity plan. So if you haven't downloaded that yet, you can get access to that www.wellbeingweekly.com.au/plan and it's a free PDF with 7 quick wins to double your productivity in half the time. It also has seven planner templates for you - and one of those is around tracking your time. I give you a calendar and I ask you to start thinking about what your average week looks like, what you know is coming up in your day, what you're focusing on. It really allows you to start thinking about what's not working for you. Another tip that I have is actually writing down everything that you do in a day and then starting to notice where you're replicating the same things over and over and over again, and how you can maybe think about managing those tasks in new ways. You'll also find in my productivity plan some support around batching tasks and there's a whole template in there as well to support you with batching. So I definitely recommend to go and download that one because it's going to help you with a lot of the things that I've just talked about.

3. Know your hustle stress response - and this is something that I refer to as your Business Survival Mode. So I've come up with four Business Survival Modes and they're based off the fight or flight response basically and how we respond to stress. I've attached this in a business sense to how you are responding to stress and stressors in your business and what is your common reaction? What's your common kind of survival response? And these aren't necessarily positive, but the good news is they're definitely things that you can change. So in my program we find out which business survival mode you're in, how this is presenting in your life and potentially holding you back and keeping you stuck.

4. Have the tools to manage the difficult days - I've put this one in here because I want to acknowledge that entrepreneurship is a journey. There are ups and downs. It is a roller coaster and I don't care how successful you are or how unsuccessful you are. There are going to be down days. There are going to be up days. There are going to be days where you're crying on the floor maybe. The problem is that not many people talk about it. I couldn't really find anyone that was being open around the difficult times and how to manage them. And that was a big part of wanting to start Wellbeing Weekly and have those conversations. To explore some of those emotions and some of those situations that can come up and how we can move forward and manage it all. So in this program, I really wanted to have a whole lesson around that and refer to it as my Mood Method where I provide 4 steps to manage the difficult days and move out of it quicker. It involves noticing the emotion, feeling it appropriately, understanding why it's happening and then switching out of it in a more positive way.

5. Believing that change and the possibility of flow and fulfillment are possible for you - I think this is so important because a lot of people struggle on that busy treadmill with may have limiting beliefs or some confidence issues. They may be thinking I'll just keep doing this because it feels safe and I know what I'm doing - but it's keeping you on that busy treadmill. You're just going around and around and around on the same things because you're not able to step out of your comfort zone. You're not necessarily feeling confident enough to believe in something more or something different and you're not really able to take that step off the treadmill and step into it.

So a lot of what we work on in this lesson of my group program is around believing in the possibilities for you, believing that change and possibility and success is possible for you in new ways. That there are ways that you can work and structure your business and your life so that they work together on your terms. Ways that are not necessarily holding you back and keeping you small and safe, but they're giving you the results that you want and the confidence to go forward and have them. One of the ways that I do that is with my signature mindset funnel which is a model that I've created to process essentially your thoughts, your feelings and your actions and how they directly impact each other and then directly impact your outcomes and your results.

6. What is the main goal that you want to achieve in the next three months - So this is something that you can already be thinking about on your own. What do you want to achieve in the next three months? What do you want to work towards? What is that big goal, that big dream that you've had on the side of your treadmill that you haven't really been able to grasp or reach because you're too busy running, running, running, running, running in circles? I also encourage all of my clients to think about a lifestyle goal rather than a business goal.

Alot of the clients I work with are no stranger to working in their business, so their business goals are usually carved in stone and they know exactly what they want, but they haven't necessarily thought about the lifestyle goals. So a big part of my program, like I said, is balancing business and life. Having your business fit in with your lifestyle so that you can have the ideal lifestyle that you want. You can be doing the things that you enjoy, the things that light you up and the things that you really want to be doing with your time and your energy. This all then oozes into your personal brand. Like I said, you are your business. You are your business' biggest asset. So when you're focusing on you and what you need and want, that just naturally oozes into your business and it attracts clients and it attracts your audience to you naturally. So I recommend a lifestyle goal. What would you love to see in your life in the next three months? And that is what we work on achieving for you in my group coaching program

If you have no idea where to start with any of this, and you're thinking I need some serious help getting off this busy treadmill. Michelle, tell me what to do, where to start....everything you've said sounds amazing and I want your support to do it all.

Then I would love to invite you to join my group coaching program, Wealthy Wellpreneurs. You can apply at www.wellbeingweekly.com.au/apply and we can start talking about how you can join the program and start overhauling your business and life so that they align with each other and they give you the impact, the income, but also the ideal lifestyle that you're wanting to create.

If you're feeling like you're on that busy treadmill and you're not sure how to get off and you're wondering when everything is just going to come together for you, then this group program is for you. We focus on the right support, the right systems and the right structures for you that come from a soulful place that are not just focused on that shiny surface level success, but they actually feel good behind the scenes. As we all know, a car can look nice and shiny on the outside, but if the engine's not working well then you're not really going to go very far and you're just going to look good but sit in the same spot.

So I want to get you moving. I want to get you feeling good in your business and your life, hitting your goals across the board and having the fulfillment and the freedom that you wanted when you first got started. So if you're interested you can see more about the program at www.wellbeingweekly.com.au/group.

Everything is personalized in my programs. I'm not giving you any cookie cutter techniques. I'm giving you overarching strategies that worked for me when I overhauled my own business and life and really had to put my health and my wellbeing back on the radar. These are all strategies that can be applied in many different ways for many different people depending on what you need and what works for you. I support you to personalize the whole framework for you. So it becomes your personal roadmap to being wealthy and well in your business and life.

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