"I Don't Feel Like It..." - Building & Maintaining Momentum For Your Brand

Let's talk all about momentum...maintaining momentum, building momentum, and really making sure that you are able to keep moving forward with all of the inspired action that you're taking and capitalize on it without letting it all fall in a heap and feeling like you have to start from scratch again.

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I wanted to talk about the topic of momentum today because it's something that came up this week in my group coaching program, Wealthy Wellpreneurs, and we were all talking about the importance of maintaining momentum and really continuing to take small action steps so that you kind of keep building that momentum over time. You build your confidence, you build your belief, you build your motivation, and you keep putting one foot in front of the other and it all starts to pay off. As opposed to basically letting things slide, putting your business or your side hustle on the back burner, and then kind of losing that sense of momentum that you've gained and having to basically start from scratch all over again and build up from the beginning.

We don't want to have these huge ebbs and flows in your business and the action that you're taking. We want you to try and be as consistent as possible in a way that is manageable and sustainable for you so that you can make the most of all of the action that you're taking all of the time and the money perhaps that you're also spending in your business and actually making it produce results for you in the form of momentum and building your brand. I was reflecting on this a little bit in my own business journey, and there have been so many times over the last five and a half years of building my skincare brand that I did just want to give up, go back and get a corporate job and just shed the responsibility and the pressure that comes with running a successful business.

But I know in my heart that's not what I really want. And that my heart belongs to entrepreneurship and supporting others to do the same. I think that when those moments come up, it's really important to be able to recognize them and know how to honor that and support yourself through that phase rather than pretty much throwing your hands up in the air and just avoiding your business all together and maybe even giving up. It is so important to be able to push through those difficult times because let's face it, they come up for every single business owner. No matter how successful you are, there are always going to be days that are harder than others. There are going to be days where you question yourself or you question all of the work that you're doing and the biggest thing that I remind myself of is you never know what tomorrow will bring.

I say this to myself so much, especially in those moments where I'm questioning myself or I'm questioning the work that I'm doing and whether it's paying off because you do just never know what's going to come around the corner tomorrow you might receive an email from someone with a huge opportunity. You might get an email from a client or a customer who's told you how much they've been able to change their lives or how much your product or service has supported them to achieve results in their life. You might get a speaking opportunity or an invitation to speak on a podcast or at a workshop or something like that. You might have an opportunity to sell your product in a particular store. You just never know what's coming. And if you don't keep going, if you give up, then you're never going to know what those things were that could have been around the corner for you because you haven't given yourself the opportunity.

This is something that I really use as a way to continue pushing through and continuing to build on momentum because I know that every small step that I take, every little micro task that I am doing within my businesses is all adding up to something so much bigger and something so much greater and it's forming a cohesive brand that becomes known and trusted in my niche and my space then people begin to take notice. This is what we want to do for you as well and really make the most of the effort that you're putting into your business. Leverage it and really capitalize on that momentum so that you can also get the results that you're after in your business and in your life. When I was thinking about momentum, I also thought a little bit more about my personal life and something that I struggle with sometimes is maintaining momentum with exercise programs. I have an exercise program, I've started a number of times and it gives me like a weekly plan of what I should be doing. I've found that over time I've been really good at the beginning. I have stuck to it religiously. I've made time for it. I have really committed to what I want to achieve from doing that exercise program and then over time, you know, there might be a day that you skip for whatever reason, and then the days kind of get a little bit further apart and then it becomes harder and harder to build up. I guess the wave of that momentum that you started in the beginning and you might find that then you take two or three weeks off and then you're in this position in your mind where you know you have to basically start from scratch again and it feels like so much effort rather than if you had have just kept going. Even if you just did 10 minutes of exercise that day instead of the full 30 minutes or the full one hour, at least you are still taking action and building on the momentum whom you've already built rather than having to go all the way back to the beginning and start from scratch.
We want to think of that the same way in your business. We don't want all of the efforts that you put in to go to waste when you may be go through a period where you've been really motivated, you've been showing up a lot in your business. Maybe you've been posting a lot on social media and creating some epic content and then all of a sudden life gets in the way and you disappear for two or three weeks and you basically have to start building that momentum from scratch. Because what happens as well, especially with social media, when you're putting a lot of content out there and you're really consistent with it, people get used to seeing you in their feed and engaging and relating to your content. That's how you begin to build the like, know and trust factor as an authority in your space. You basically become a part of your audiences habit. They start to actually look for your content and they start to want to know what's coming next from you. If you do that really well for a period of time and then all of a sudden you just completely disappear, you basically break their habit of getting your content in front of them and wanting to seek you out and you're not top of mind for them anymore. It basically just kind of dissolves all of that momentum that you built and you are going to have to come back in a month or two months time and start from scratch. We really want you to be able to create content, create tasks and opportunities within your business in a consistent way and to work out what that is for you. Maybe it's one post a day, maybe it's one post a week, maybe it's one blog post a week or one blog post a fortnight and really making sure that it fits in with everything else that you have going on, especially if your business is just still a side hustle for you and maybe you're studying or maybe still working a full time job. It's really important to work out what can be consistent for you so that you can continue showing up and building momentum over time rather than this stop-start where you go really gung-ho for a while and then you completely disappear because that's just going to create a struggle for you to actually become known in your space and for your audience to know that they can rely on you for that consistency.

With all of that said, what I'm going to do is share six things that I've noted down that really helped me to maintain momentum and achieve the results that I want to achieve in my businesses and also in my life. I thought I'd just share these with you and maybe these are things that can help you as well to capitalize on the momentum and the amazing inspired action that you're taking within your business.

1. Allocate time for your business every week. This is a little bit of what I was just talking about, that it's really important to be intentional with the time that you're spending on your business and make sure that you're actually carving out specific time to be working on business growth tasks, which are things that basically increase your impact and your income and making time for that - maybe it's a Friday afternoon, maybe it's a Saturday morning, maybe it's a Wednesday night after dinner. If you are working a full time job as well or you're studying or you're a parent and you have other things going on, it's even more important to be carving out time for your business. Otherwise it's just the case with things just get away from you and life takes over and then you realize you haven't posted a photo for two weeks on social media or you haven't done a blog article in a month and you just start to kind of lose that momentum that you were building and it can impact your motivation and your confidence and make it all that much harder to get started again. I definitely recommend carving out space every week for your business. If you are working on your business full time, this is your main gig, then I would recommend making sure you've got business growth time so that you're actually working on your business and not just working in your business as more of like an employee role. We want to make sure that you are able to grow your business and to have a bigger impact in income than you are having by just working in it day to day. The problem that I find, and this is how I worked a lot in the early days of my business, I would just add business tasks in around my schedule and I would try and multitask things. I would try and do an Instagram post while I was eating my dinner or I'd try and just do this like ad hoc approach to running my business. It didn't work very well. It meant that things didn't always get done and I wasn't being intentional with my time and specifically allocating time for what I wanted to achieve and get done. So it would mean that things would get missed or I just wouldn't have time or something else would become a priority and then I would be, you know, my momentum would be impacted. Now I am so intentional with my time. Everything has a space, everything is time blocked, everything is batched. I know exactly what I want to achieve out of a day and a week to make sure that I'm always ticking off the main things that I need to be doing every week.

2. Show up even when you don't feel like it. Now there's an exception to this obviously if you are feeling like you're moving into a burnout phase and you really need rest and you really need to recharge them, please honor that and please listen to your body and your mind. If that is the space that you're in, please don't push through to the point of impacting your mental health or your physical health because it's no good for you and it's no good for your business anyway. If you're not functioning it, neither is your business, but this is more in the sense of when you find yourself procrastinating or you're in that head space where you're not really motivated. Maybe you're in a bit of a funk and you're just kind of thinking yourself, I just can't be bothered today. There's so many other things I'd rather be doing. I'd rather be out with a friend or I'd rather be hanging at the park with my kids than going and doing that business task and you just keep putting it off. These are the moments that you really want to start learning to push through that resistance and keep pushing on in your business because you are going to have bad days no matter what. It happens for everyone whether they're saying it or not. Maybe it looks like everyone's loving life in their business, but there are always times that are difficult. There are always struggles, there are always challenges that we all need to push through as business owners. And what happens when you actually push through these moments is you build a habit within yourself to continue showing up even when you don't feel like it. What that is going to help you to do is to continue showing up for the long haul in your business and making it a priority and being consistent because you've built that habit and not just when you feel like showing up, not just when it feels good and you're in like a happy space because that's what's going to impact momentum. You are not always going to feel happy. You're not always going to feel motivated. You're not always going to have that perfect Instagram caption at top of mind and that's when sometimes you really need to sit down and form that habit of showing up anyway and getting the work done.

3. Know the difference between a fear-based no and an empowered no. This is in the context of when you are saying no to things or basically demonstrating a no through your actions of not doing something. This can come from two spaces, so not doing something or saying no to doing something can come from a fear-based perspective where perhaps you won’t posted picture of yourself on Instagram because you're worried about judgment. Perhaps you won't do a live video because you're worried about what people might think of you. You might not even start your business in the first place because you're concerned about what people think or the judgment and making mistakes and things like that. So these kind of decisions are all coming from a fear-based no. You're saying no to something because of fear, because of an irrational feel. Most of the time things that are probably never ever going to even happen, but in your mind they feel like they will and so that's holding you back essentially. These fear-based no’s are holding you back from taking inspired, courageous action and holding your business back from the potential that it has. Then we compare that to an empowered know, which is essentially where you are really clear on your boundaries. You're clear on your intention, you're clear on your vision with your business and you know exactly what you need to be saying yes to and what you need to be saying no to, to drive that vision and to be mindful of your own energy and capacity as the business owner. This might be things like saying no to a speaking event because you know it's not aligned with the vision of your brand. It might be saying no to being on a podcast interview because it's not really capturing the essence of what you are trying to help people with. It might be saying no to a supplier agreement or a wholesaler agreement because you know that it's going to really not serve you in the way that you thought it might and so on and so forth. You can say that those kinds of no’s are coming from more of an empowered space where you are making an informed decision around what's best for you and your brand in the long term. Just be mindful of what you're saying no to and whether it is coming from that fear based place that is a space you really want to be pushing through. Taking courageous action. My word for this year has been courage. Every time I feel like I'm saying no from a fear-based perspective, I think of the word courage and how I can move through it courageously and still take action. Or if it's more of an empowered no, in which case that is actually serving you and serving your momentum because it allows you to spend your time on things that are more aligned, that are within your energy capacity and are actually going to continue building momentum and taking your brand forward.
4. Tap into your vision. Which kind of rolls off that empowered no thought and when you are feeling like you just aren't up to whatever it is that you need to do in your business, if you're just not in the mood or you feel like there's so many other things you'd rather be doing or you're really struggling to show up and feel like you're maybe not getting the results that you want in your business, then it can be really easy to avoid doing a lot of the things that you need to do. One thing that I recommend here is tapping back into your vision. Why did you start your business in the first place? Or why do you want to start your business in the first place? Think about this from an external perspective. Why did you start your business for other people? What are you trying to support other people with through your products or your services? And really tap into that impact that you can be having for other people and then also from an internal perspective, why did you start your business for you? What does your business allow you to achieve in your lifestyle, in your family, in yourself, and tapping into that again and what the real vision and purpose of you doing this work is for, so that that can fuel you to move forward. It can fuel your motivation, your passion, your purpose again, and reignite that fire and help you to keep taking action with that vision in mind. I find this so helpful for me. I have my vision up on a post-it note near my computer and I look at it all the time. I'm constantly reminded of why I'm doing this for other people, but also why I'm doing it for me and the kind of lifestyle that I want to lead for myself and my family. That helps me to continue pushing through even on those difficult days or those days where I have maybe some low energy or I'm just not feeling it or I'm not feeling like I'm in that flow or creative space. That really just helps me to kind of tune back in and bring my focus back again.

5. Keep taking small steps. This is more of an action based one than a mindset one and it really is just about taking small steps every day or every week or whenever you can make it happen for your business based on your schedule and your responsibilities. In order to gain a momentum, we need to keep moving forward. We need to keep building. You need to be making sure you're taking any step possible to keep that momentum going. And this is, like I said with the exercise example, if you can't make 30 minutes, if you're just completely depleted, you just can't get out and do a 30 minute workout. Can you do five minutes? Can you do some stretching? Can you just do some sit ups in your lounge room while you're watching TV that night? How can you still do something and take a small piece of action so that the momentum remains and you know that you're still on track to achieve your goals and the results that you're after. As soon as you start letting things slide and stop taking action, that just builds and builds and builds in the wrong direction and you'll come to a point where you realize, I'm going to have to start from scratch here. I've let everything slide and I'm going to have to basically build it all up again, which takes so much more energy and effort than if you just had of kept doing small action steps every day. If you do have some big tasks that you're struggling with, break them down even smaller. What is the smallest next step that you can take towards achieving that task and that goal and just keep doing that. Then you'll find that you've completed the whole thing. That's basically what momentum is made up of. All of those small little action tasks and it basically combines over time to achieve a result.

6. Keep the snowball effect in mind. You might've already heard of the snowball effect. We see it in cartoons where snowballs are running down the hill and they get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and have more of an impact. We want to think the same way with momentum and without business. Every tiny little micro task that you take, every tiny step forward is building that snowball and that momentum for your business and your brand. Over time that all combines up into a big snowball that rolls down the hill and it starts creating some really epic results and can create epic results from things that maybe you did 2 years prior. It all adds up in the long run. You might end up getting invited to speak on a podcast based on an interview that you did two years ago or you might be asked to feature in a magazine or on a website blog as a guest based on an article you wrote 2 years ago. All of these things build your brand or over time and they basically lead to the bigger and bigger and bigger results. I really like to think of this in terms of my business. If I feel like I'm not getting the results that I'm after or even back in the beginning of Wellbeing Weekly where I had an audience of basically zero and I was posting things that would get like five likes or my podcast episodes were barely like getting any listens. It was all from the beginning. I know that if I had have just stopped, then I would've lost the momentum and I wouldn't get anywhere. I just kept that snowball effect in mind knowing that if I just keep posting content, if I keep posting podcast episodes, it will build over time and people will find it and resonate with what I'm saying over time. It's got to a point now where I have a podcast of over 130 episodes. Even when one person comes and finds me and listens to one episode, they've then got a bank of 130 episodes they can listen to and it creates the like, know and trust factor with me and that person and multiple, multiple touch points for them to get to know me, get to hear more about how I can support them in their business and their life. Then perhaps they want to join my email list and it goes from there. Every little task is building momentum. As long as you are focusing on tasks that are building your impact on your income, then you're going to be on the right track and that snowball is going to grow and grow and grow and your momentum is basically going to grow with it as well.

I hope you found those points helpful. They're really things that I keep in mind when I'm making decisions around how to spend my time, how to focus my time, and how to keep on track with taking action every day, even on the days that I just don't feel like it, which happens to all of us. It's totally normal and it really is kind of those situations that make entrepreneurs because they start to learn resilience and pushing through those times rather than just letting everything go slide away, throwing their hands up in the air and saying, ‘this isn't for me.’ I guess unfortunately missing out on the opportunity to have their own business and impact the lives of many, many people out in the world.

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