Episode 51 | Why Travel Isn't The Answer To Your Stress - With Abby Lewtas

Do you find yourself daydreaming of a holiday so that you can escape the daily grind?

Do you say to yourself or others - "I just need a holiday and then I'll be all good"?

This week I'm exploring why travel or holidays aren't the answer to your stress in business (or life) and am joined by Life Coach Abby Lewtas who specifically works with clients returning home from travel or looking to plan their next big adventure.We cover why people look to travel as a way to solve their issues, what issues can arise when you are using travel as a stress relief tactic, some tips on improving your relationship with travel and how you can integrate more travel/adventure into your life (hint - it doesn't involve 6 week European vacays!)

Listen to the episode below:

Connect with Abby Lewtas

The Wanderlusters Mind Podcast

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