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September 29, 2018
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October 7, 2018
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Podcast Ep 57 | Are You A ‘Type A’ Personality? How To Make It Work For You

Episode 57 | Are You A 'Type A' Personality? How To Make It Work For You

Do you struggle to sit back and go with the flow in business or life?

Do you love planning, goal setting, striving for more and always having something you're working on?

This week I'm exploring the concept of the 'Type A' personality theory - what it is, what it might look like for you and how you can manage it effectively in your business and life. This personality type is often common in business owners and entrepreneurs due to the ambitious, 'go getter' nature, but can also lead to things like overwhelm, stress and burnout if not managed effectively. Could this be you? Listen in to find out.

Listen to the episode below:

Theory Background
Common Traits/Behaviours

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