Podcast Ep 67 | Business Beliefs That May Be Holding You Back
November 21, 2018
Podcast Ep 69 | OCD Uncovered – What It Really Looks Like & How To Manage It In Business & Life – With Ali Greymond
November 27, 2018
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Podcast Ep 68 | Quote of the Week ~ A Winner Is Just A Loser Who Tried One More Time

Do you struggle to put yourself out on the playing field of business a give things a go?

Do you let a lack of immediate results prevent you from continuing to try?

In the 'Quote of the Week' mini episode - I choose a quote and dive into its meaning and how we can relate to it in a way that enhances wellbeing. This week I'm talking about a quote regarding persistence and fortitude in business - A Winner Is Just A Loser Who Tried One More Time

Listen to the episode below:

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