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February 2, 2019
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Podcast Ep 83 | “If Only My Past Was Different…” – Rewriting Your Story & Using It In Your Business

Episode 83 | "If Only My Past Was Different..." - Rewriting Your Story & Using It In Your Business

Do you struggle to find the lessons in your past and remain trapped in a victim mentality?

Do you want to share your story more within your business, but not sure how to?

This week I'm doing talking about how to rewrite your story and own it in a way that supports you to share it as part of your business. There's tips on how to relate to your past more positively and how to structure stories within your business marketing.

I also included a BONUS episode all about my own business journey - why I walked away from 6 years of university education and a career in counselling, how I took a humble side hustle to global success and how I've come full circle to now supporting other female entrepreneurs to master their entrepreneur mindset & skillset

Listen to the episode below:

Resources from the episode

Melissa Cassera's tips on plot lines in your story (Interview on the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast)

Donald Miller's tips on what to include in every story (Interview on the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast)

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