It’s common for people to stay in their ways until they experience something traumatic or life changing; such as a loss, illness, mental health decline or relationship breakdown. Often these difficult or eye opening events can jilt us into evaluating ourselves and where we are currently at in our lives, and sometimes the result isn’t too pleasing. You may find that you’ve been living according to other people’s values, neglecting yourself, working in a job that you hate or just feeling really disconnected with yourself and the world. Most of the time, it can go as far as being one of your ‘rock bottom’ moments.

While I believe that these moments can be a blessing in disguise and a chance for us to re-evaluate and make positive change in our lives, it doesn’t always have to get to this point! You can start making a change today – yes today! You may have a sense in your soul that life isn’t really going in the direction you had hoped, or you’ve noticed that you’re more negative and hard on yourself lately. These can be small signs that something isn’t quite right and it may be time to make a change.

When I decided to take control of my wellbeing and make some changes to how I’d been living, I wasn’t quite at my rock bottom. I was feeling disconnected, unhappy, anxious, resentful and finding it hard to go through each day on the same hampster wheel of thoughts and emotions. Whilst it was not comparable to a loss, traumatic event or illness, I knew that if I kept on that path and continued to let my mind take a hold of my life then I would continue to move towards a proverbial rock bottom. What’s worse, is if I did experience a loss or difficult event, I knew that I wouldn’t be well equipped or resilient enough to manage it effectively or even worse, my negative attitude may have been a contributing factor to the event. It was time for me to take life by the wheel, get clear on my ideal destination and drive full speed towards it.

Perhaps you too feel the niggling thought that things in your life aren’t going quite the way you had hoped, or despite all of the good things happening in your life you are struggling to find happiness or fulfillment. While they say that things need to get worse before they can get better, things don’t need to get to rock bottom status for us to start making a change. It can be as small as developing a morning or evening routine that allows some time for you to connect with your soul and values or perhaps committing to something you have been putting off, such as a Sunday night bath. You might even choose to start listening to a wellbeing podcast on your way to work rather than music, so that you can begin to develop your understanding of yourself and what it means for you to feel wellness.

Let me know below what small change you made to kick start your wellbeing journey prior to things hitting rock bottom status!

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