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The topic that I’m looking at today is the 12 Laws of the Universe and how you can use them to shift your mindset for business and life. This is a topic I planned to do before launching the podcast because I thought it was really interested and often an area that people don’t know too much about. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be that spiritual, I’m going to break down these laws in practical ways that I know will help to bring some shifts in your mindset and perhaps get you thinking a little differently in your day to day and I’m all about mindset so I’m excited to bring you this episode. This topic is also part of my mindset program that I’m currently developing so I’ll keep you up to date as that progresses and I get closer to launching, but I’m super pumped to get the program out there and continue to help women in business develop their mindset and show up as their best self.

So these are laws that are considered to operate in our universe and all interact and effect each other. I’m going to order them in a way that flows logically and makes sense to me, so I hope that its also useful for you.


The Law of Divine Oneness
The first law is the law of divine oneness and this law suggests that we are all interconnected and that we are all essentially one. This links in to the sense of their being a collective consciousness which has been talked about a lot more recently and the notion that society has a sense of shared beliefs, values and morals that unify us all together. This law indicates that the things that we do, think or say enter out and ultimately effect us, others and the universe. There’s a focus on collaboration and connectedness with others and that by combining as one we can make more of a positive impact together than individually.

So what does this mean for your mindset? Well if we are all considered to be as one, then what we think, say and do in regards to others also has an effect on ourselves. So this law can really be used to shift how you treat yourself and others and how your thoughts and actions are contributing positively or negatively to that collective connection. So for example if you’re someone who is quite judgmental of others, either openly or in your mind, then you can see this as negative energy rippling out into the universe and impacting the oneness which you’re also a part of. Try to notice what you say about yourself and others and begin to catch yourself if you are entering into judgement, criticism, gossiping, jealousy or other thoughts or actions that create negative energy. Treating others how you wish to be treated is the essence here as your treatment of others is essentially how you’re also treating yourself in the eyes of this law.

So let’s say that you have a competitor in your business and you often get into a space of jealousy or judgement about them. Instead of placing this negative energy out into the universe, consider how you would want to be treated or viewed if they were looking at your business. I’m sure that you would want them to be supportive, commending and coming from a place where there is room for everyone and that all businesses contribute to this sense of oneness – and then this is how you need to be responding. Even if you feel hard done by or mistreated, try to give out energy that is positive and replicates how you would like to be treated.

Taking time to think about how you wish to be treated or what would encourage your growth, connection and improvement is how you want to be treating others. Additionally, you can imagine your thoughts and actions rippling out of you and being placed in a big mineral spring. Yourself, other people, animals and plants are then going to use this water to nourish their body. You want to be contributing positively to this pool of water to support yourself and others, and then they will in turn contribute positively.


The Law of Vibration
The second law is the law of vibration and suggests that everything within our universe has an energy that vibrates in a particular way and is omitted into the universe, based on molecular and atomic structure. This includes our thoughts, intentions, emotions and actions. Each vibration is unique and contributes to your own vibrational energy and also that of the universe. This law interacts similarly with the law of oneness in that the thoughts, emotions and actions that we are putting out into the world have unique vibrational patterns that are either positive or negatively swayed and that ultimately impacts others. You might have heard a bit about increasing your vibration or being a high vibe person and this is refers to the sense of putting out thoughts and actions that are positive in nature and vibration and that this increases your vibration and contributes positively to the universe and encourages other high vibrational things to enter your life. This law doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be happy all of the time to omit a high vibration. Acknowledging and processing any difficult emotions actually supports your vibration to increase, as you are enabling them to pass through you rather than denying them and bottling the negative energies in your body over time. This law also refers to the notion that if you imagine positive things coming into your life or act as though they are in your life, you will omit a similar vibrational energy to that thing and attract it into your life. This extends beyond just thinking something to be so and does require relevant action as well.

An example here would be someone who is processes difficult emotions effectively and maintains a positive mindset as much as possible when interacting with themselves, others and the world. They then attract other like-minded clients, friends, partners and so on that vibrate at a similar energy to them and contribute positively and abundantly to their lives.

So in regards to your mindset. Consider your thoughts, emotions and actions to have vibrational energy attached and that you have like a vibrational barometer inside you that goes up and down depending on the types of vibrations you are omitting and receiving. The more you can remain in a higher vibration, the more you will attract things or people with a similar vibration to what you want. Like I said, this isn’t about being Pollyanna happy all the time, but also about processing difficult emotions and demonstrating resilience, forgiveness or kindness in the face of challenges so that you can shift back into a higher vibration more quickly.


The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
The next law is the law of perpetual transmutation of energy. This law is usually a little lower on the list but I’ve moved it up due to how it relates to the last law of vibration. So this law suggests that we are in change of the energies in our lives and have the power to make any changes that we wish. It also refers to the sense that energy is always in motion and will eventually manifest into physical form. So if you’ve heard things like whatever you think, will be or your thoughts dictate your reality is looking at this law and the sense that by focusing on particular thoughts will encourage the universe to manifest them into reality, whether positive or negative. There is the notion with this law that higher vibrations will cancel out lower vibrations, so if you are able to maintain a high vibration in how you think and act, then you will encourage things around you to also present at a high vibration.
A simple example of this would be someone who is quite energetic and has a resilient and positive mindset. They always seem to be full of laughter and joy and have a way of making others feel happy and positive in their presence, even if someone was initially feeling a bit down about something. Their high vibrational energy is transforming lower vibrational energy and manifesting positivity and abundance into their life.

I personally believe that things manifest as a result of your thoughts, emotions AND actions, so this law needs to be looked at in connection with all of the other laws, especially the law of action which I’ll talk about later in the list.

So the way you can use this law to shift your mindset in a practical way, is like in point two, essentially aim to maintain high vibrational thoughts, emotions and actions and move through lower vibrations as effectively as possible to release the energy. Focusing on positive outcomes or the best case scenario over negative outcomes, seeing the lessons in challenges or failures, demonstrating understanding and kindness for other’s mishaps will all assist you in omitting a more positive vibration and mindset to move towards creating the type of life that you dream of.


The Law of Correspondence
The next law is the law of correspondence which essentially states that all things have a corresponding counterpart with the sense of ‘as above, so below’ or essentially that our outer world reflects our inner world. Our thoughts, emotions, stories, values, and beliefs held on the inside will be recreated on the outside. So if you’ve heard things like life is your mirror, this is eluding to how you essentially create your reality based on your inner experience. So if you don’t like what’s happening in your life, this may be due to your inner experience and what you are willing to accept into your inner and external world. There’s no use trying to put out positive vibrations or manifesting abundance if you still hold limiting stories about your ability or don’t believe you are worthy of the things that you want. There needs to be congruence with what you believe internally for it then to manifest externally for you.

A good example of this law would be someone who is trying to bring about more money in their life through their business. They are participating in some really positive actions to grow their business and connecting with positive, successful people that keep them at a higher vibe. However, one of their limiting stories is that people with money are entitled and obnoxious. This limiting story, however conscious, will hold this person back from receiving money as it will be reflected into their outer world and dictate decisions and possible outcomes.

Everything in our life is a reflection of our inner world, and this links in with the notion that we are essentially in control of our lives and responsible for how it plays out. This can be a tough pill to swallow sometimes, and the mindset shift here is that if there are things that you don’t like about your life (whether internal or external) you have the power to make a change and then also change your reality. If you don’t enjoy your job but are choosing to show up their everyday, then you are creating that reality. The same I you are in a relationship that is not fulfilling you, whether friends or a partner. Becoming the driver of your life here is key and making a decision to change your thoughts, actions, perspectives and how you’re showing up so that your world will then begin to show up how you desire.


The Law of Cause and Effect
The next law is the law of cause and effect and suggests that every action and thought has a reaction. This law is based on the notion of “we reap what we sow” and that what we put out into the world or into ourselves has a subsequent consequence or reaction. This links in to the last law, and all of the laws for that matter, that we are in control of our lives and by choosing the thoughts, emotions, behaviours, stories, actions that we have we can also dictate the outcomes in our lives. If you’re not putting in 100% into something, then the outcomes will reflect this. We reap what we sow…if you plant a lemon tree in your backyard and refuse to use fertiliser or water it or care for it, then how can you expect a lemon tree to grow? If you put in what you hope to get out, then you will find that the lemon tree will keep growing and will give you the resources to make lemonade. The same is true with life, there is an effect for each thought or action, whether negative or positive, that manifests as an outcome in your life. If you’ve noticed that a particular way of dealing with something isn’t achieving the outcome you desired, then you can get to work on changing how you respond or relate to this thing and essentially change your outcome.

For example, lets say that someone wants to sign up five new clients to their business in the next month. However, they question whether their services are good enough and subsequently avoid following leads, promoting their business effectively, or creating a positive customer experience so that no new clients join the business.

Outcomes are more of impacted by ourselves and our inner experiences than by random events, so by making intentional shifts to our mindset we can work to create desired outcomes. Putting in the work will be rewarded and if its not seeming to happen how you hoped, then what changes could you make in order to also change the outcome?


The Law of Attraction
The next law is the law of attraction and is probably the most well known universal law. This is the law that plays a main role in the book the secret and also creating things like a vision board. The law of attraction suggests that likeminded energies attract so positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy. Based on this, the law suggests that we can bring about things, people or events into our lives based on the energies or vibration that we put out into the world. So you’re probably starting to see how all of these laws interact and overlap. This law centres a lot around mindset and that the thoughts you have about things, people or events is how they will manifest in your life. If there is something that you want to have in your life, whether it’s a car, house, partner, job, money…you have to first believe that it is possible for you as this lays the foundation for bringing about these things into your life. By believing and imagining an outcome or person to be possible in your life, you signal to yourself that you are capable and worthy of having what you want. This is why vision boards are used in relation to this law as it encourages people to imagine and focus on things that they want to bring into their life so that they can encourage it into being. However, its really important here to note that just because you think about having something in your life doesn’t mean it will magically appear while you sit on the couch eating potato chips and watching Netflix. Manifesting anything into your life requires action, and action that is inspired based on what you are after in life which I’ll cover more in the next law.

You can use the law of attraction to shift your mindset to focus on belief. Belief in yourself and what is possible is so key to attracting what you want for yourself and in life. How can you achieve things if you don’t truly believe you can? Without belief, people tend to give up prematurely, experience anxiety or overwhelm or often not even take the steps towards achieving something they desire. One of the key ways to build your belief is to rewrite any negative stories or limiting beliefs. If you want to attract more money into your life, but believe that money doesn’t grow on trees or if I make money I am taking it from someone else, then you will struggle to manifest more money. Rewriting these beliefs so that you believe money is an infinite resource that is available to you and anyone will support a mindset shift that will help to open you up to receiving.


The Law of Action
The next law I’m going to cover is the law of action and I believe this law goes hand in hand with the law of attraction. The law of action suggests that in order for things to manifest in your life, you must engage in actions that support your dreams, thoughts, desires and goals. In the law of attraction its all about thinking things into being and that if you imagine and believe that certain things, people or events are possible for you then you will manifest them into being. However, as I said you can’t just think happy thoughts on the coach and do nothing and expect it all to show up. There needs to be a degree of action from you and that’s where this law, the law of action comes in. It’s not enough just to think it, you need to be engaging in meaningful actions that move you towards your dreams. This law is often overlooked, especially in documents or courses regarding manifestation and they can often leave out the importance of actually taking steps towards what you want.

So let’s say someone wanted to manifest something in their life, such as working from home. They would begin with an intention to work from home that they could think about, visualise and believe. They could write out how working from home might look, what their job would actually involve, what they would need to start doing to make this more of a possibility. Then they would need to start ACTING on it. Perhaps they would set up a website in their spare time, or a social media account and start building a following, or organise a savings account to cover any transition from a full time role. As they continue to take small steps towards their goal and continue to believe and visualise the possibility they are far more likely to manifest it into their life than if they just sat at their work desk daydreaming about it.

The key takeaway with this law is to just start taking action towards your goals and desires. You may be wondering “ok well what are the right actions” or “there’s so much I could do I don’t know where to begin?” Try to break down the actions into small steps and start where you are comfortable and build from there. You might take actions that aren’t necessarily the right ones, but even so you’re going to learn that whatever you did didn’t work and to try something else which still propels you closer to your goals than doing nothing at all.


The Law of Relativity
The next law is the law of relativity and suggests that everything is relative and that we are provided with unique challenges or tests that we need to overcome in order to grow and strengthen the light within us. These tests are for us individually and although others might have similar experiences, it is not necessarily perceived or overcome in the same way and that is why everything that happens in our world is relative. Two people might have been involved in the exact same natural disaster, but how they perceive and overcome this event and the subsequent outcomes is unique to them and their own test from the universe based on their unique experiences.

Everything that you perceive in life is relative based on your inner workings and mindset. You determine whether you are happy or not, whether you are rich or not, whether you are grateful or not, whether you are worthy or not. This is why some people can be happy with very little materialistic goods, or the difference between one person who thinks that making $50,000 in their business over a year is horrible where as another person thinking this amount is amazing. It’s all relative to the person and ultimately a choice in how they choose to perceive their experience.

So in terms of your mindset, start to see challenges that come your way as tests. Reframe challenges to be problems that are served up to you to overcome and that the choice is yours on how you react. I actually adopted this mindset shift before I knew this law even existed and I started to look at challenges as tests or I would think ok I’m being tested here, and its up to me to decide whether this needs to be a problem that overwhelms me and gets the better of me or whether its something that I can work to solve and move forward with a new learning and growth. The choice is yours with everything that you experience.


The Law of Compensation
The next law is the law of compensation and links in to the law of cause and effect. It basically suggests that if we put out positive thoughts and actions they will have a positive effect on the universe and bring abundance and rewards to compensate our input and efforts. These rewards could be things like money, people, signs, experiences, material items like houses or cars, or whatever it is that you may be working to manifest. This law is especially true for people who work in helping professions or are often working to support other’s growth because the impact on the universe, and therefore the effect, is greater. This law also works to reward effort, so as I said with the law of cause and effect the more effort that you put into something, the more effect there will be and a greater reward. It’s important to try to put your best foot forward and to show up for things in your life as best you can, so that you can reap the rewards for your efforts.

An example here might be two colleagues who are after a promotion. They both believe they are competent, skilled and capable of doing the role. However one of the colleagues puts in their best efforts on all work tasks, undertakes additional learning outside of work hours, meditates and visualises about being in a higher position and regularly contributes to team meetings and projects. The other colleague does what they need to get by on tasks, doesn’t get too involved with the team and doesn’t put in any efforts to enhance their skills or growth. You can guess which colleague is likely to get the promotion, because based on the law of cause and effect and the law of compensation, the more that you put in towards something you desire then the more you will get back.

If you’re not receiving what you are hoping to or at the level that you were hoping then consider what changes can be made to your beliefs, thoughts and actions. You have the power to make changes to your thoughts, actions, interactions and experiences and ultimately change what it is that you wish to receive and your level of compensation. Prioritise your wellbeing and growth so that you can continue to improve yourself and what you are capable of achieving.


The Law of Polarity
The next law is the law of polarity and this law suggests that everything works along a continuum and has an opposite pole. Everything has an equal and opposite so that we are able to understand and experience aspects of each pole. This way, we’re able to appreciate the opposing poles and learn what we prefer in life. For example yes and no, good and bad, easy and hard, and light and dark. Think about it in terms of your own life, how would you know what happiness is if you’ve never experienced sadness? How would you know love without loss or health without sickness. We experience these polar opposites in life so that we know what it is that resonates with us and what we want to bring into our lives.

I think that the really important mindset shift here and what I take away from this law is that there will be things that we experience in life that have a negative connotation or that we don’t want to experience, but that we actually need to let these things be and to acknowledge and accept them as shaping our experience and giving us the understanding of what it is we want to have in our lives and how to find gratitude for those things when we have them. Nobody wants to feel poor, or lonely or unwell, or like a failure, but these experiences are what provide us with lessons, growth and an appreciation for the feelings of prosperity, love, health and success. So make an effort to try and express gratitude for the not so great things in your life because they are all lessons that are teaching us to awaken and move towards what lights us up. One of the things that I try to do each day is express gratitude for one thing that went well or progressed me to my goals, one thing that didn’t go well but that I know has contributed to my growth which links in to this law, and also one thing that hasn’t happened yet but that I believe will.


The Law of Rhythm
The next law is the law of rhythm and suggests that everything on earth moves to its own vibrational rhythm. This is similar to the law of vibration, however with this law it suggests that the combination of different vibrational energies is what establishes patterns, seasons, cycles and stages in our universe. So things like the sun and the moon, the weather seasons, day and night, the months, the tides, birth and death, and other universal cycles. The key with this law is that we need to move with the ebbs and flows of the cycles and seasons of our lives and deal with them as they come. Timing is everything with this law and it eludes to divine timing and that everything will happen when and as it needs to. Being able to take the good with the bad and ride out the difficult times, knowing that the good times will roll around again is they key to this law.

I often see phases of our lives similar to the seasons, where summer is like the doing phase where you’re determined and in action mode and getting all of these great things done. Then you can move into autumn or fall, where there’s a shedding of all the work and a refinement in what your focus is. Then there’s winter as a period of ‘being’ and for rest and reflection and while there may be more of a low feeling or a lower energy than the other phases, this is still needed to establish balance like in the law of polarity. Then comes along spring where you’re ready for rebirth of ideas and growth and planning new things so that you’re reading to move back into the doing phase of summer. This doesn’t necessarily correspond to the three month duration of seasons and could be a phase that takes place over the course of a month or a couple of years.

The takeaway in regards to your mindset is being able to take the good with the bad. To be able to ride the wave through difficult emotions, challenges, heartache, loss, failures, knowing that everything is moving in phases and cycles and a new season will soon come through, expecially if you are able to harness the mindset shifts from the other laws.


The Law of Gender
The final law is the law of gender and this law suggests that all things have a masculine and feminine components and that all things have somewhat of a gestational period. Obviously we are aware of the male and female gender in humans and animals but this law indicates that there is male and female qualities in everything and that both are required in life. Its then up to us to be open to the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves and others and to use these to our advantage. The masculine and feminine can also be seen as yin and yang. They mesh together to form a whole but are also their own unique parts. Men have both masculine and feminine qualities and the same for women. Masculine or yang qualities are more about doing behaviours, creating wealth and achieving outcomes where feminine or yin qualities are more about being behaviours, caring for ourselves and others and allowing things to unfold. This law also emphasises the need for timing and space for growth and coming into being, similar to the law of rhythm. Just like it takes 9 months for a baby to develop and be born, our thoughts, ideas, intensions, actions and ideas need time to develop and manifest.
We can’t expect things to happen overnight and need to demonstrate patience and trust in the timing of the universe to deliver our goals and dreams. We can dictate what is that we want and why we want it, but we can’t always dictate when and how it will be delivered to us and that is where we need to release control and focus on the aspects that we can control.

You can see the example of the law of gender and the law of rhythm working together in the example I gave about moving through the seasons of life. Being in the very masculine mode of doing and creating outcomes of the summer season vs moving into the more feminine mode of being and allowing things to be of the winter season and that these seasons can be as long or short as they are and that we’re not here to dictate that but to remain clear on our goals and desires and move through the diving timing accordingly.

The mindset shift here is to trust the timing of your life and release expectations or control over when things happen for you. Additionally, acknowledging your feminine and masculine qualities and creating balance between these to ensure that you engage in periods of doing and periods of being.


I’m sure that there’s at least one takeaway that you’ll gain from learning about the laws of the universe and be able to make meaning of them in your own way and integrate them into your life and mindset in a way that resonates with you. As I mentioned in part one, this topic is part of just one of the modules in the new mindset program I’m developing so be sure to subscribe to the podcast to stay across updates and episodes or subscribe to the Wellbeing Weekly Tribe by clicking here. I’d love to hear from you and any takeaways that you gained so you can email me via the contact page or comment below.

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