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“Some days are simply meant for playing”

If you’ve been listening to any of my podcast episodes, you would know that I’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks with the business that I run with my fiancé, as well as all of the planning that I’m doing behind the scenes for Wellbeing Weekly to bring you more content and courses. But, in all honesty it has been pretty full on for me for the whole year and I’ve stretched myself pretty thin. This isn’t really new for me because I’m super creative and multi-passionate so I’ve always got heaps of ideas and things in my head and I’ve always been one to take on quite a lot of stuff. I was actually reflecting this week on some of the things I’ve accomplished and in 2013 I was working a full time job, building my business as a side hustle, studying my Masters of Counselling full time in the evenings, selling hand made fitness & maternity tank tops on Etsy, AND maintaining some sort of social and personal life. How full on is that?! But – at the time it was just what I needed to do to get closer to all of my dreams and support myself and it’s only now that I look back I realise how much was going on.

So my point here is that I’m usually pretty good at managing a huge number of competing tasks and seems to find a way to juggle it all and get things done. But, one of the draw backs with this is that I can start to feel like life is all work and no play, and I’ve talked about this a bit in my podcast, especially late last year where I was neglecting my self care and making work a priority over everything else and it was really impacting me across all areas of my wellbeing. That’s when I made the decision to overhaul my mindset and put a number of different strategies and mindset shifts in place to get back into a place of balance, and my business and overall wellbeing have only continued to benefit from me doing this. So I thought that it would be good to talk about achieving this sense of balance in our lives, especially if you’re feeling like your days and even nights are mostly made up of working.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever found yourself in a space where you’ve just got so much going on or so much to get done that you don’t even know where to begin and crying is just a totally normal way to let out the emotion. I had a few of those moments last year, before I started making changes, and I can remember one day where I was just crying at the drop of a hat. I was pretty exhausted and I think the emotions were just coming up all of a sudden. I knew that I was getting to a point that I needed to just stop and evaluate where I was at because I had a playlist going and I kid you not, 50 cent ‘In Da Club’ came on and I just started tearing up – what the!? I tell you this story so that you know that everyone has had moments where they’re struggling, I’ve had those moments, so I’m not just sitting here telling you advice, but I’m coming from a place where I’ve been there – and some days I’m still there – and it takes the right actions and strategies for you to move out of that space and get yourself back on track.

So I’m no stranger to 14 hour days, to saying no to things because I need to work, or sacrificing holidays or days out or other “fun” things because I am prioritising my business. But when you do this for long enough, you can find yourself feeling like your life is out of balance and that all you’re doing is working and forgetting to actually enjoy things outside of work along the way.

50 Ways To Add More Play Into Your Life

I know that with the entrepreneurial life there can be an emphasis on hustling now and reaping the rewards later, which for the most part I work in line with. But, I also know that tomorrow is never guaranteed to us and that the only moment we really have is right now – this second. So if you’re overworking yourself with the idea that in 5 years or 10 years when you make it big, you’ll be able to travel Europe for three months without a care. or you’ll be able to retire when you’re 45, or you’ll be able to spend your days relaxing and hanging out with your family and friends. Yes, this could all be possible and true for you, but how much fun and enjoyment are you sacrificing right now for things in the future that are not necessarily certain to us in this fragile human existence.

So today I’m going to cover some ways that you can bring some more fun, enjoyment, play, down time, joy…or whatever it is that you’re after, back into your schedule and create some more balance in your life.

  1. Decide what fun means to you – so you know what you need to be doing more of
  2. Commit to a day off each week (or a morning and an afternoon off on different days)
  3. Schedule a ‘Sunday Fun Day’ activity block every week with your partner, friends or children – or yourself!
  4. Play upbeat music or have a dance party
  5. Find a movement that energisies you and lights you up – yoga / dance / walking etc
  6. Pick something new to try each month that doesn’t have anything to do with your business – eg) rock climbing, ice skating
  7. Have a game night with your family or friends
  8. Have a fun drawer or space – full of goodies that light you up such as jigsaws, colouring books, hula hoop, etc
  9. Join a meet up group
  10. Create a humour board that includes jokes, funny pictures, things that make you smile and hang it in your office space
  11. Celebrate work achievements and the small wins (no matter how small) to bring more celebration into your life
  12. Change up your work location – such as working from a café, library, park or joint office

For a more in depth dive into the 12 tips above, you can listen to the full podcast episode at or get even more ideas for fun, play and downtime in my free PDF cheatsheet, linked below:

50 Ways To Add More Play Into Your Life

So there are 12 ways to start integrating more fun and play back into your week, and to feel like you have more of a sense of work/life balance. Not all of these options will resonate with you but like I said its about defining what fun means to you and that can be so different for everyone. Even what I find fun and what my partner finds fun are different so it’s working out what you most need in your life to break up the work and help you to feel like you’re enjoying the present and the ride to the top.

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