When Everything Is A Priority, Nothing Is A Priority
Karen Martin

In our fast paced, tech savvy lifestyles it can be all too easy to get trapped in the cycle of ‘busy’ and take on more that we can potentially handle. This can lead to the feeling like everything on your to-do list is a priority and needs to be done – ASAP!

The problem with this mentality is that we end up making so many things urgent and important, that we lose track of the real priorities and don’t create enough space to logically plan out our time and tasks. This can lead to overwhelm, procrastination and ultimately avoidance – hello Netflix!



In episode 49 of the Wellbeing Weekly Podcast, I covered some of the ways you can learn to better prioritise your tasks and then how to better manage those all important tasks at the top of the to-do list. You can listen in to the full episode to get my breakdown of each tip, but here’s a summary below.

First off, I explored the Eisenhower Priority Matrix, which provides a simple and useful way to prioritise your tasks and identify which ones you need to DO, DELAY, DELEGATE or DELETE. Here’s an overview below:

Next I looked at what you can do to better manage the tasks that fall into the top right box – Urgent AND Important. Here are the tips I covered in the podcast episode:

  • Plan it out – plan out what you need to achieve the tasks, how much time you need etc
  • Rank and order – there’s always priorities within priorities – aim to rank your top tasks and then order them from #1 onwards
  • Chunking / Batching – combine similar tasks together and set aside specific time to work on them rather than jumping around
  • Look after yourself – fuel your body, get adequate sleep, maintain exercise, drink water etc – your body needs to be functioning for you to also function
  • Ask for help – sometimes a favour from a family member or friend can go a long way to helping you get things done, or perhaps delegation to a team member or freelancer
  • Cut your time in half – imagine you only had half the time you do to complete your tasks…how would your prioritisation change?


I’ve also developed a FREE Priority Guide PDF that details the Eisenhower Matrix and all of the tips so you can print it off and have it on your office wall. I’ve also included an empty template of the Eisenhower box for you to fill in when you need to prioritize tasks! Click below to access or get in through my FREE Resource Library if you’ve already got the password 🙂



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