No One Is You, And That Is Your Power

We all know a good story. We’ve grown up with stories since the age that we could understand TV show and movies – the ultimate stories. But as we grow older, we tend to lose touch of the stories that touched us as children and move more into the mainstream, day to day hustle of life. Stories still come to us in the form of movies or TV shows, but we can lose sight of what is actually happening to us when we live through a story and worse, lose the power of the meaning of our own story.

I recently saw the movie ‘A Start Is Born’ with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. If you’ve been living under a rock, hustlin’ so hard in your biz that you haven’t checked in with what’s trending, or just into muscular action films, then you may have missed the movie that is at the top of the movie charts, music charts and OUR hearts.

I’m listening to the soundtrack on You Tube as I write this because 1. It’s ah-mazing and 2. It brings me into the story even more. So, I wanted to get my thoughts onto proverbial ‘paper’ about this movie – the learnings, the challenges, the transformations…and how we can use these lessons within our business.

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the movie, get your beautiful self to a cinema ASAP. I listened to the soundtrack for this movie on Spotify before seeing the movie, almost as a preparation to *love* the movie, and let’s just say I was a little underwhelmed. Lady Gaga is my girl, in every sense of the word, but I couldn’t really connect to the songs without seeing the movie. Enter…the story.

After seeing the movie, absolutely.everything.changed. and I finally understood what the hype was about. The soundtrack was a completely different experience and I’m talking to the point of tears, BECAUSE the movie created the story around the lyrics and the meaning. So in today’s post, I want to explore the power of a story and that your story is just as meaningful as Bradley Cooper’s made up one that is captivating the world…

Here’s some of my takeaways from the movie:

  1. Always take the opportunities to follow your dreams, even when they scare the sh*t out of you
  2. Express yourself and your story in a way that makes sense to you – music, blogs, videos, captions etc
  3. Be real and authentic with your story (have we ever seen Lady Gaga this beautifully and authentically raw?)
  4. Your demons will show up no matter how *successful* you are and it’s up to you how you manage them
  5. The biggest shifts in our lives can come from having a connection with someone that is true, honest, raw, supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental
  6. That the words people say to you can trigger your demise (or fuel your growth)
  7. There’s always someone in your corner
  8. Real lyrics that tell a story and hit your heart strings are my vibe
  9. Success comes from being your authentic self and sharing your message
  10. Your story can be the worst of the worst, but there is someone who is waiting to hear it as their source of hope, strength and growth


So how can we use this movie as a source of inspiration for sharing our own stories in the context of business? This movie, albeit a fictional story, shows us how the world can be captivated & inspired by a real story of hardship, heartache, triumph and overcoming the obstacles of life. It also shows us that no matter how successful, loved and rich you are – the demons can rage on.

This is so key to my message with Wellbeing Weekly, that our focus needs to become internal and how we manage our internal lives and the meaning we place on our experience, because no amount of success, love or money will alter the limitations you place on yourself. Entrepreneurship in that sense, is an inner game and essentially why I do what I do in walking along the path of entrepreneurship with you, to take you from stressed & possibly depressed to success – and it’s probably not entirely in the ways you’d expect (eg: #ditchthehustle and marketing funnels whaaa?)

You may be holding back on your story altogether or some of the vulnerable parts, out of fear of how you’ll be perceived. But let’s think about all of the musicians and story tellers out there…the majority open themselves to sharing their most vulnerable and intimate experiences and that resonates in such a way that we take them to the top of the charts.

So how can you own and present your story in a way that resonates with your tribe and also brings in new tribe members? Here are the tips that I’m focusing my efforts on, and I just want to context that I am *completely* pushing through my fear of being seen:

  1. Know what parts to share and what to keep to yourself – what is relevant to your business journey/transformation that would resonate?
  2. Know who your main character is (your audience) and how your story can *guide* them in their journey
  3. Identify the problem or struggle in your journey and what your audience is likely also struggling with
  4. Show the transformation – explore your struggles and how you transformed and overcame them and how you can show others to do the same
  5. Provide the solution to what worked for you or others and what can also work for your audience
  6. Be as real, raw, authentic, and relatable as you can

Like I said, if you haven’t seen the movie A Star Is Born yet, then head out and see it so that you can understand how this story is captivating the world and how you can take tokens of wisdom from it for sharing your own story within your business.

Remember, you are the GUIDE (Lady Gaga) not the HERO (Bradley Cooper).

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